Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Melmer: Info & Photos!

Like many other lacquer lovers I use a melmer to store all of my nail polishes and other tools.What to know more? Find out after the jump!

Jan. 19, 2013

Yesterday I made the march to Michael's Craft Store to pick up 2 melmers under their Buy One, Get One Free sale. Please note, do not go in and ask for a melmer because the sales associate will look at you like a lunatic. They are called "Recollections Drawer Cube (with three drawers). They were named melmers by an unbeknownst lacquer lover because they look like miniature helmers, or filing cabinets.

   When it comes to school work and nail polish I can do about anything, but this was not the case with these melmers. I was convinced that this was a "Daddy Job", but he made me try to put them together. Lets just say it took me an hour and a half to put half of one melmer together and he put one and a half together in about twenty minutes. This goes to show I'm not too talented in simple construction. On to the details! You will need a phillips head screwdriver. If you have that and the handy directions you should be on your way to putting together your melmer! They are made of wood and they only come in white. They are also stackable!

   A melmer will hold about 300 polishes (or so I have heard). I have filled up roughly one and a half drawers with my polish (251 bottles!). If you organize them by brand you will be able to fit more polishes in a drawer. This is because the uniform bottles mesh together better than nonuniform bottles.

   Do you have any melmer experiences or questions? Share and Ask away!

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