Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gradient Nail Art

This is my favorite color combination from Facebook! This post does not only feature nail art, but also a full blown review! Check it out after the jump!

Jan. 12, 2013

Nail Art:
   I created the gradient manicure, pictured below, with Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink and FingerPaints Santa's Magic. This is the perfect manicure for a party, a night out on the town, or any other occasion you can think of! How did I achieve this look? First start off with a base coat. Then apply 2 thin coats of polish. Once the polish is completely dry you can start on the gradient. Gradients are easy to achieve and you can use practically any glitter you chose! First, puddle up some glitter at the tip of the nail. Then drag down until 75% of the nail is covered. After that is dry repeat the previous step only covering 25% of the nail near the tip. Top it off with your favorite top coat and out the door you go!

   Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink is a gorgeous hot pink. Although it is a gorgeous color that is perfect for any occasion, it has more cons than pros. I'll start off this review with the pros. Punki Pink has a great dry time of about 2 minutes! Also, it is a FABULOUS color. Now, on to the cons. The brush is a major turn off. It is so gigantic that it makes it hard to get precise lines. Punki Pink breaks the record for world shortest manicure (in my book). I had it on for about 4 hours and what do I see? A HUGE chip on my thumb. I repaired it and low and behold about an hour later my thumb and 3 other fingers all had major chipping. Some people love Nina Ultra Pro, but it did not impress me one bit. It may be that my base coat and top coat did not mesh well with it or it could certainly be that it is just my body chemistry. I have another Nina to review, so I will try a different base coat and top coat to see if it lasts longer. I will probably use this polish during the summer, so I can have something on my nails to protect at the pool. The chlorine loves to eat my manis and I usually get upset, but I will be far from upset if it eats this mani.

 The one polish in the manicure that did impress me was FingerPaints Santa's Magic. It is from the Christmas/winter collection. It is a beautiful silver foil glitter polish that contains every size hexagon from extra small to large. It is a wonderful over coat, but should not be worn on its own due to the fact that it would take many, many coats to make it opaque. I plan on using this polish again for future gradients.


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