Thursday, November 27, 2014

Twinsie Thursday: Plaid Nails

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! 

Hello lovelies!
I'm back for this  month's Twinsie Thursday and this time we decided on something cosy for the upcoming winter: Plaid nails! We decided to use reds and purples and even though the specifics, our manis turned out completely different, lol! This is my take on the matter and for Samantha's neat design, go to my blog!

 I started out with one generous coat of NYC "Revolving Red" and then striped on some red stamping polish by Laushine (for the opacity) vertically. Then I striped on a less opaque red striping polish by Lemax. Then for the purple Essence "Lilac is my Style" an some of that mixed with white for the tiny stripes. Last I applied black acrylic paint with a striper and done!

Now head over to my blog for Samantha's design, you're gonna wanna see what she did, it's so classy and neat and fun!

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