Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twinsie Thursday: Christmas Skittles

It is Twinsie Thursday once again! Check out these cute skittles Lothwen did. So cute! 

Hello lovelies!

Today we have the last Twinsie Thursday of the year! And what better theme than a Christmas Skittle :D I saw Samantha's skittle even before I had started mine, and I swear, her Santa is so jolly good! I didn't even try after I saw that ;) I love her mani :)

OK so this is what I came up with:

For The Snowman, I used a base of W7 White, dotted messy dots (I mean, charcoal isn't perfectly round, right?) with a dotting tool and Paris Memories 236. I mixed some yellow and red to get the orange (I had misplaced mine) and painted the carrot with a dotting tool. It turned into a lumpy one, lol.
On my middle finger I painted Rudolph (I thought Rudolph - middle finger... YES). I used an unnamed brown polish from HEMA for the base. The eyes I dotted with the same white and black as before. The nose I dotted first with an unnamed red from Japan and then with W7 Red Dazzle. The antlers I applied with my dotting tool and Essence Hazelnut Cream Pie. 

Santa's Suit on the ring finger has a red base of a Japanese polish. I applied the white with the brush from the bottle, as well as the black. Then I added the stud (from Made By Me) for the belt buckle.
The Christmas Tree is on a black base, freehanded with Green Dazzle. The ornaments are dotted on with Maybelline Brocades "Rosy Rosettes" and "Foil Flash". I could only find a little lilac star stud, so I used that to top it off. I sealed in everything with Seche Vite  :) 

I wish you all super lovely holidays! We will continue our Twinsie Thursday Tradition in 2014!

Now head over to my blog to see Samanta's skittle (and esp. her Santa). Go!