Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Favorites & Black Friday Haul!

Hello Lacquer Lovers!
Today's post will be a little different, as I am sharing with you my November Favorites and my Black Friday Haul!

Let's start off with my November Favorites!

1. Gossip Girl & Greek
These are two of my favorite shows available on Netflix! I finished Greek yesterday, November 30th, and picked up Gossip Girl! I love both of the shows and I'll be very sad when I finish with Gossip Girl! 

2. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover
Cutex Nail Polish Remover, Advanced Revival
 I absolutely swear by this nail polish remover. In my year of blogging (well it'll be a year in January!) I haven't found anything better. It does the job well, it doesn't have a bad smell, and it doesn't wreck my cuticles. I give Cutex five stars for this!

 3. Zoya Flynn
This is one of my older photos, from the original blog post, but it will do! Flynn is hands-down my favorite Zoya of all time. Usually I pull for bright colors, but there is something about this polish that I absolutely love. If you don't have it yet, go pick it up! You won't regret it! 

4. Maybelline Illegal Length & Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes
I'm loving these two mascaras layered over each other. It gives a great effect of long and full lashes. I'll let the picture speak for itself! :)

Now on to the exciting stuff; my Black Friday haul!
Let me start off by saying I spent a decent amount of money, but I definitely do not regret it!

I bought one 'big ticket' item, which was the Canon Powershot SX160 IS in black. It has 16 megapixels and a 16X optical zoom. It was $79.00, opposed to the original $169.00. I bought this online, as my local Walmart only had thirteen. It was supposed to be in-store only, but somehow it ended up online. I'm glad it did, as I didn't want to risk going out into the craziness! I'll get it by Wednesday, which means my pictures are about to get a lot better!

I stopped in at Michael's Craft Supplies and picked up two more melmers, a set of desk panels, and some storage supplies to finish creating a beauty desk, as I already had two melmers. They were sixty percent off, so it was almost like buy one get two free. That was the best idea I've had in a while, as I had nail polish and makeup everywhere! Now, everything is contained to one area. Once I put the finishing touches on my beauty desk, I'll do a beauty desk tour post!

I also went to Target and World Market, where I picked up some gifts and other Christmas items. One of my favorites was this nail polish ornament from Target!

I didn't pick up any nail polish on Black Friday, but don't fear, I've got some holiday polish swatches coming up this month!

Until next time! <3