Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Glitter Franken!

Hello Lacquer Lovers! Today I have a very cool post for you! I've sorta ventured into frankening! It is super exciting and I can't wait to make more frankens! Check out the end of this post for news and such! :]

Here is a macro shot of my franken, Party Time

 Check out more after the jump! :]

 Party Time consists of pink bars, medium purple hexes, small silver hexes, blue medium hexes, blue micro shimmer, and extra small silver circles. All but the extra small silver circles have a holo finish. 

Here Party Time is layered over Sinful Colors Tantalize. Tantalize is a beautiful light grey with a satin like finish. I used two coats here. 

I must say that my frankening skills aren't too great just yet because it took FOREVER for Party Time to dry. But, all is well. I took note and that is something I will work on!

Okay, make sure to check back later this week! I'll have a really cool guest post on Wednesday and a swap post on Friday, so stay tuned! 
I'm having a giveaway once I hit 500 GFC Followers & 500 Facebook likes! I haven't announced the prizes yet, but they will be awesome! 
Until next time! :]