Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Floral & Gradient

Today I have a cute summer floral and gradient design for you! It's super cute and very easy to do if you have the right tools! You'll find more information after the jump! :]

 Winstonia Stamping Plate W110
I only used the middle flower image for this design. It really was a hit or miss stamp. It worked well on my middle and pinkie fingers and on the rest of the fingers there are errors. The image may have gotten smudged, it didn't lay down right, or parts of the image was missing.
*The problems stated above could have been user error.

 I started off with one coat of Wet n Wild French White Creme. I then, using a triangle makeup sponge, sponged on a gradient. I went over it twice for a nice, bright coverage. I stamped over the gradient with Sinful Colors Black on Black. I then topped it off with top coat.

Essie Smooth Sailing 
 Smooth Sailing is the first color of my gradient. Essie usually has the issue of seeing the shimmer in the bottle, but not on the nail. I am proud to say that I did not have any issue with that. The same shimmer that was in the bottle, is the same shimmer on my nail, even though I sponged it on.
Smooth Sailing is a very pretty blueish-purple polish with a shimmer finish.

Essie Super Bossa Nova
Super Bossa Nova is the next color of my gradient. Like Smooth Sailing, the shimmer transferred very well. I would definitely use this for another mani!
Super Bossa Nova is a hot pink polish with a shimmer finish.

Essie Braziliant
Braziliant is the last color of the gradient. The shimmer also transferred very well.
Braziliant is an orange polish with a shimmer finish.

Overall, I really like the look of this mani. It is very summery and shimmery!

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  1. Looks lovely, I love the colors you chose. I have to see about getting a stamp and sponge, I would love to try and make this myself.

  2. You did so great with the summer floral! Love it!

  3. This is fun! Love the colors and stamping design you used :)