Friday, June 28, 2013

Jindie Nails: Jindie-PENDENCE, Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Tainted Love Remix, Pretty Penny, & Zomboy

 *Talk Nerdy 2 Me, Tainted Love Remix, Pretty Penny, and Zomboy were all sent to me to review for my honest opinion. Jindie-PENDENCE was purchased by me. All opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclosure policy.

Hello Lacquer Lovers! Today I have five polishes from Jindie Nails to review! This is my first review for Jindie, which makes everything else so much more exciting!

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First up is Jindie-PENDENCE! This is an LE polish that I scored at one of Jindie's last restocks. It was my first restock experience, but unfortunately it was Jindie-PENDENCE's last restock. It was very crazy, but it was fun too. :]

The glitter mix is phenomenal! It has matte blue medium size dots, silver metallic medium size dots, extra large red metallic dots, medium and large white rectangles, matte red diamonds, small metallic red dots, small, medium and extra large matte red and blue squares, tiny matte red, white and blue stars, extra fine red metallic hex, and extra fine metallic blue hex. All of these glitters are suspended throughout a white crelly base.  

Here I did three average coats of Jindie-PENDENCE, no undies. As always I started off with a base coat and topped off with a top coat.

I absolutely love Jindie-PENDENCE! It is the perfect patriotic polish and it will definitely be seen again in July!

Talk Nerdy 2 Me has micro matte neon blue and neon pink glitters with a hot pink shimmer. It is suspended throughout a pale pink crelly base.

Here Talk Nerdy 2 Me is shown with three thin coats. It would be fine with two coats, but I went with three just to be safe. 

It has am awesome dry time! This is definitely a polish I would run back to if I need a quick manicure.

As always I started off with a base coat and topped it off with top coat.

 Tainted Love Remix has two sizes of the each of the neon pink and green micro glitters and two sizes of the matte black micro glitters. It also has black hearts! All of this is suspended in a white crelly base!

Here I did three thin coats of Tainted Love Remix. I LOVE the heart glitter! It had a great dry time. 

One word of advice: Shake your bottle before you apply! You want to get all of the hearts evenly suspended for the best application.

As always I started off with a base coat and topped it off with top coat.

Pretty Penny has a mix of burgundy, bronze, browns, pinks, golds, and berry colored glitters in an assortment of shapes such as hex, squares and dots. It also has a gold and pink color shifting shimmer.

Here you can see one coat of Pretty Penny over peach and teal. There are plenty of other colors that Pretty Penny would look good over, but I wanted a clean and classy look. 

As always I started off with a base coat and topped it off with top coat.

Zomboy has blue, purple, and green iridescent glitters along with rose, light pink, dark pink, magenta metallic and holographic glitters. It also has a color shifting shimmer that shifts blue, violet, or pink.

I found that my bottles formula seemed a little off, so my application was a little wonky. It is gorgeous nonetheless and I liked the finished look!

Here I used three thin coats.

As always I started off with a base coat and topped it off with a top coat.

Overall, I have to say that I'm super impressed! With that said, BUY ALL THE JINDIES!
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I would like to thank Jen from Jindie Nails for all of the wonderful samples! I loved reviewing them!

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Have a wonderful day!


  1. So much pretty sparklyness! Gorgeous swatches ^_^ What's the name of that peach you used Pretty Penny over? I'm a total sucker for good peach polishes.

  2. Great review! There all such pretty colors :)

  3. Oh woooow! Very drool-worthy ;) I will at some point indeed have to BUY ALL THE JINDIES!