Friday, February 8, 2013

February Nail Art Challenge: Day 4

Today is day 4 of the February Nail Art challenge I am holding! What is todays theme? "LOVE". Now I have seen many creative "LOVE" manicures and decided to try it for myself! Do you want to see what I came up with?
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So, this is my "LOVE" manicure! Lets just say it looked a lot better in my head. I think I need to work on my execution a little more, but you know what they say, "practice makes perfect"! 


I used Wet N' Wild "Tickled Pink" as my base. I then on my polish palate I mixed Orly "Unlawful" (pictured below) and Wet N' Wild "French White Creme". I used my striping brush and free handed everything. My heart came out okay in my opinion because I have been practicing since I couldn't participate in Day 2.


Have you been participating in my NAC? Post it to my Facebook! I'd "LOVE" to see! :]

The  next challenge is flowers! This will be on February 10th! 
See you soon!

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