Thursday, September 25, 2014

Twinsie Thursday: Negative Space Tribal Nail Art

I hope you all enjoy this month's Twinsie Thursday post! Lothwen's design is amazing, as always! Make sure to check out my design on Lothwen's blog by clicking the picture at the end of the post!

Hello lovelies!
Here I am again from Holland, for another Twinsie Thursday! We decided on Negative Space Manis this month, since they're all the rage right now! Samantha came with the particular suggestion of a black-and-white tribal and as you can see, that was an awesome idea!!! It matches my necklace, too! :D

I started off with a base coat and then freehanded the black and white with a detail brush and black and white acrylic paint. Then I applied two coats of top coat to even it all out. It takes some effort and a really steady hand, but since one does not need in-between dry time, it is relatively fast!

That was fun, Samantha! Good choice on your part :D 

Now head over to my blog and see Samantha's design! As I'm writing, I haven't seen it yet, so I can't wait!

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