Thursday, August 21, 2014

Twinsie Thursday: Half Moon Nail Art

How awesome is Lothwen's manicure? Make sure to stop by her blog at the end of this post, so you can see my take on the same idea!

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to another Twinsie Thursday! This month, we had decided on half-moons and Samantha found this awesome inspiration by Lucy's Stash. Then we decided on the colour yellow, because I thought black, white and yellow would look cool ;) This was slightly out of Samantha's comfort zone, but she was excited to try using a bright yellow from her stash! So there we went, and this is the result!

I first applied a base of Essence "Hat-trick!" white polish, and speed dried it with SV. Then I applied some frenchies tip guides to the base of my nails and applied NYC "Lexington Yellow". Then I freehanded the black with acrylic paint, a nail art brush and a dotting tool (as you can see, my hand was not steady..). I tried doing the same on my Cinderella hand, but since I already had trouble applying it with my right hand, I should not have even tried doing it with my left! It turned out to be a disaster and I removed it all and went for plain yellow. Then I applied gel-look top coat from Essence, and put some rhinestones to the base of my nail. Last I applied SV to seal it all in.

I gotta say, I loved the end result (on my left hand). It was so bright! Even 3 of my male colleagues noticed and they may have even sort of liked it (but you never know with these guys ;) ).

Now go to my page and see Samantha's look! She used a different technique that I think is very smart and less time-consuming, with the same result! And she ended up loving it :D Yay Yellow! Oh and I don't think our Twin Nails have ever looked so much alike, it's awesome!

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