Thursday, April 17, 2014

Twinsie Thursday: Easter Eggs

Oh my goodness. How cute is her look! I need these nails in my life! <3

Hello lovelies!
I'm back with this month's Twinsie Thursday! The theme is, unsurprisingly, Easter, and we decided to do Easter Eggs! 

For this mani I used Nail Vinyls from (IG@Teismom), my first time! I need more practice and better tweezers, I was too slow and that's why the corners of the chevrons are now rounded and messy. But the effect is super duper ultra nice, I'm so happy I got these bad boys!

The white polish is OPI "Alpine Snow", the yellow is one coat of Vogue "CĂ­trico" over white. Oh yes, the bubbling is a nasty side-effect from me trying to keep the studs on my nails without nail glue and hence using lots of top coat. The studs by the way, are from e-bay.

I hope you like this mani! The thought "Fabergé is nothing compared to this" just may have crossed my mind ;)

See you next time!

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