Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Neon Zebra Gradient

Hello Lacquer Lovers!
Today I have a very easy to achieve and quick nail art look! My polish bestie over at Manis & Makeovers did something similar, so make sure to check her post out as well!

To start off this look, I painted my nails one coat of white using Wet N Wild French White Creme. Then, taking a makeup sponge I sponged two coats of four Color Clubs I picked up this weekend at Ross. They have no names, just numbers. The teal is 131004, the blue is 131007, the purple is 131003, and the pink is 131004.

I finished off the look with zebra stripes using Milani Black Sketch. 
I had to use my phone for these pictures, as I could not get my camera to be color accurate. :(

I usually don't wear my nail art looks for long, but I wore this one for three days because I loved it so much! This nail art look even recruited some new readers from a local restaurant (Hello girls!).

I hope that some of y'all will recreate this look. If you do, make sure to post it on my Facebook wall, as I'd love to see it!


  1. These are so fun and perfect for the warmer weather too!

  2. I really love the zebra over the colorful gradient!