Thursday, September 26, 2013

Twinsie Thursday: 80's Funk!

Hello fellow nail polish addicts!

Here I am again, for another Twinsie Thursday! This time we themed it 80's (or early 90's), you know, when it was weird and colourful, with horrific prints and neon and colours that just clashed. It might have sneaked its way back into fashion, albeit in a contemporary form, but I certainly saw some of its madness in the stores last summer! Summer is gone, but we celebrate it one last time with a funky 80's design, using black, white, purple and yellow. And this is my take on it!

I used Essie "Nourish Me" base coat, 2 coats of W7 "White", and then Seche Vite to speed up the drying process. I waited 15 minutes and then taped off random patches in triangle form (I should have waited 5 more minutes though), and painted them with Pieces "Dark Purple", topped off with another coat of SV. Then I repeated the process, but with Vogue "Cítrico". Then with a nail art brush and some black polish (Paris Memories 236), I added the detailed shapes. Another coat of SV, that unfortunately smeared everything, and I was done!

You can read Samantha's take on the theme here!! Enjoy her beautiful creation! 

Thanks for doing this again, Samantha, it is so much fun to share this with someone on the other side of the globe :)


Thanks for the post Lothwen! Make sure to check out my post on her blog here! It may be a few hours though, because she is on the other side of the globe!

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