Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alter Ego Nail Enamel Sun Goddess & Vampyre by Nyte!

* The following nail polishes were sent to me for my honest review. For more information, please visit my disclosure policy.*

Hello Lacquer Lovers!
Today I have two unique polishes from Alter Ego Nail Enamel.
These photos were all taken in natural sunlight. 

First up, Sun Goddess!
Here is Cynthia's description: "I love my sun, so bright & cheery. :) I wanted to name this enamel after a sun goddess, but when I did some research I found at least a dozen different goddesses, and rather than risk the wrath of insulting any in particular this enamel is named in honor of all I found! Light yellow base with 2 sizes metallic orange glitter and fine metallic red glitter."

I used one coat of Sun Goddess over one coat of Zoya Arizona on all of my nails except the accent. On the accent I used three coats of Sun Goddess. 
Sun Goddess has a matte/satin finish, but here it is pictured with top coat. I highly recommend using a top coat for this polish, as it seemed gritty without it.

Next we have Vampyre by Nyte!
Here is Cynthia's description: "As all creatures evolve & change as time marches on, so does the Vampyre By Nyte!  Today's modern vampyre wanted a new title, hence the Y instead of an I, but the council had to admit there isn't much else that could be changed without getting scary! They can handle overcast days but really wake up & shine after dark. :) The base color is hard to categorize- a dark color that can lean to deepest purple, brown or black and flecks of red shimmery glitter with a high gloss top coat."

I used two coats of Vampyre by Nyte. 
Vampyre by Nyte has a satin/waxy finish. It is a brownish purple mix (is that even a color? haha) with shimmer. 
The shimmer seems to hide when in it's natural element, without top coat.

 I think that Vampyre by Nyte is pretty as it is, but when a top coat is added, it becomes an entirely different polish! 

I absolutely love it with top coat! It brings out all of the different dimensions of color!

Overall, I liked both of these polishes. 
As Cynthia recommends in her shop, set the bottle upside down for about five minutes, so the pigments and glitters will mix. Then, shake the bottle for about thirty seconds. I definitely recommend this, as some glitters and pigments settle. It is a quick fix though! :)

Shop Information:

The polishes retail for $8.50USD. Myself, along with many other bloggers, got polishes to review this month! Once all of the reviews have been posted, Cynthia plans on releasing a 20% coupon, making the polishes $6.80USD each! You can find this on Alter Ego Nail Enamel's Facebook page!


  1. Thank you for your fabulous review! It is quite factual and realistic :) Your photos are wonderful and your manis are perfect!