Thursday, October 17, 2013

Twinsie Thursday: Fall

 It is Twinsie Thursday! Enjoy this post from my wonderful friend Lothwen! Check out the photo at the end of the post to view my manicure! xoxoxo

Hello lovelies!

Here I am again for our third Twinsie Thursday :) This time the theme is fall and the colour palette to use is nude, brown, green and gold. I chose a dark brown and nude and gold from Essence ("Red Ahead" (I swear it's dark brown), "Iced Latte" and "My Fortune Cookie")  The green is from NYC, "Flat Iron Green". I used the saran wrap technique for the marbling effect. First two coats of the brown and then I 'saran-ed' the nude on. Then applied Sally Hansen Insta Dri to shorten the dry time and finally I taped off the upper part of the nail and applied the gold. Then I freehanded the green (there were too many layers, taping again would have taken too long). All was sealed in with another coat of SH Insta Dri!

That's it for today folks! I will have a longer post next time, but I reaaaaally got to sleep now ;) I'm doing training to become a computer nerd and it is exhausting ;)

Thanks Samantha, can't wait for your creation! (As I'm writing it, I haven't seen it yet ;) ). Let's do it again next month :D

Thanks Lothwen! Yes, we will have to do this again!:) To see my manicure, click on the photo below. It may not be up yet because of the time difference, so keep checking back!

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